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APACO Products
APACO Company Ltd specializes in supplying various kinds of agricultural products with high quality and best price. With many years of experience in the field of manufacturing and exporting agricultural products: single spices and herbs like black and white pepper, chili, cinnamon, star anise, ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion, coconut products, rice, teas, coffee, cassava, noni fruits, dried fruits etc in the international market, we commit to satisfy the customer's requirement the best.

We offer more than 45 agri-commodity products including spices , coffee, teas, cashew, rice, coconut products, tropical fruits.

Our highly diversified and broad product portfolio in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, combined with integrated end-to-end capabilities across the supply chain, reduces risk and provides reliability in supply all year round for our customers.

Our roots lie in our supply chain business, where we source crops from an estimated 1 million farmers. This is supported by our own plantations, concessions and farms for products such as coffee, dairy, palm oil, peanuts, rice, rubber and wood products. More than 20 processing facilities are strategically located to be close to our customers and to growing regions. These are supported by quality and innovation centres for food safety, recipe R&D and regulatory expertise.

With farming, buying, processing and sales operations in more than 20 countries we aim to meet the needs of our customers wherever they are in the world.

The breadth of our portfolio, with multiple origins, means we can navigate potential impacts such as weather and, in many cases, offer year round supply through operations in both hemispheres.

And with teams based in even the most remote locations we are also able to support many farmers directly and advance environmental stewardship for more resilient supply chains.

We produce healthy ingredients for the world’s food supply, and bring them to markets, restaurants, and kitchens all around the world.

Our superior product expertise, innovation and risk management has enabled us to become the world’s number 1 source for garlic, onions, and chilies and a global leader for pepper, tropical spices, purees, and parsley.

We work directly with the growers, process our products close to where they are grown, and have built up a sophisticated worldwide distribution network over the years.

We are committed to sustainable production, holding ourselves to high standards.

Innovating for the future

We are the largest fully integrated pepper provider from plantation to processed ingredients.

With a farm-level sourcing network and our own pepper plantation in Vietnam, we can ensure supply quality, product security, and supply chain ownership from field to factory.

Our world-class processing facilities in Vietnam use inline steam sterilisation with extended grinding equipment to match all customer specifications.

We are the largest vertically-integrated processor of garlic and dried onion in the world.

Our product line is comprehensive, offering all forms and delivery methods with piece integrity and uniform distribution to match application requirements.

We have ownership or active engagement throughout the entire supply chain including seed breeding, planting, harvesting and processing, providing our customers with unparalleled traceability.

We offer our customers the broadest range of chilli varieties, the most versatile selection of ingredient forms and the deepest knowledge of the category in the industry.

From seed to factory agricultural management in our Vietnam. operations, to farm gate relationships and programmes with producers Vietnam, we ensure a superior quality for all of our products.

Our industry-leading dehydration and processing facilities employ proprietary pathogen-reducing processes and natural steam sterilisation, among other techniques, to prepare a full heat and colour spectrum of chillies.

We have the customisation capabilities to create tailored blends, incorporating chillies of different flavour, colour and heat, to produce a final product matching customer specifications.

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