Green tea leaves Vietnam


Product Green tea leaves
Place Of Origin Viet Nam
Supply Capacity Weekly 100 Tons
Feature  Natural Black Bright, Pure sweet fragrance
Exporting Standard And Quality 1) Cleanest tea in the world in terms of minimum pesticides residue,heavy metal,NO plant growth regulation,NO chemical food additives and other substances.
2,Food safety system certificate of approval: HACCP; Quality management system certificate of approval: ISO 9001-2015.
3,Dried leaves appearance: Tightness, curly, eyebrow shape
Supplying All year around, 5000 tons/year.
Packing 25 kgs/ PE,PP bag
35 kgs/PE,PP bag
Or custom’s requirements
Payment term L/C at sight or T/T
Moisture 2%-3%
MOQ 5 tons or Any quantity mix with other products is acceptable.

Dried Red Snapper Fish Scale Vietnam

+ Color: Ivory white or Gray white or Yellowish.

+ Odor: No odor or a bit fishy

+ Moisture: 14% max

+ Impurity: 2% max

+ Packing: 25kgs/PP bag, 18tons/40’FT

+ Shelf life: 24 Months

+ Production process:

– Collect all Red Snapper Fish Scales from the Frozen Seafood Manufacturers daily.

– Cleaning method: Remove all impurities and wash by clean water at our Warehouse within same day.

– Drying method: Dried under the Sunlight directly at our Warehouse within 2-3 days, until it moisture match the standard.

– No use any Chemical for processes and storage.

+Capacity: 80tons/month.

Dried Noni fruit Vietnam

– Product name : Dried Noni

– Origin :Vietnam.

– Moisture : < 10 % max

– Color: brown

– Type: half cut

– Quality: As export stardard, No impurities,   No SO2, no CO2,No preservative substance,no mold,…

– Shelf life : 12 months.

– Packing : 10 kg/PE bag/carton 0r 25 kgs in PE bag/PP bag or as customer request.

– Storages : dry places 

– Minimum quality : 3 tons .

– Delivery time: Within 5 days ( after we received payment).

– Payment method : 100 % L/C at sign or T/T (30/70).

– Supply Ability: 50 tons/months

How to make green tea?

In order to blend the cool, fragrant green tea with sweet, green tea, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

– 3 liters of hot boiling water
– 2 slices of fresh ginger
– 200 gr fresh raw tea leaves (should choose dark and not crushed leaves).

The steps for making green tea include the following steps:

– Soak tea leaves through water, soak about 10 riches to wash away the dirt on the leaves and reduce the acridness of tea.

– Use boiling water to rinse through a kettle or tea kettle.

– Light leaf tea leaves for broken leaves but not crushed. Then put the tea leaves in the bottle and drop 2 slices of fresh ginger in the water, add about half a liter of boiling water to the tea and then pour the water away.

– Pour the remaining water and warm, not cover the bottle and let the tea soak in water for 20 minutes.

– You can add a cold stone to the jar after the tea has soaked so that the tea is transparent green.

With this phase book, you have a delicious teapot and a delicious taste to enjoy with your family.
The above is APACO’s share of how to make green tea, hope that the above information will help you to help you have delicious tea pots with your family to enjoy every day.

How to make oolong tea?

The cups of yellow oolong tea like honey, the strong flavor has long been entered into the heart of tourists all over the country whenever they set foot in the countryside of Vietnam. Oolong tea has become the cultural and charming colors of the Vietnamese nation. To make the flavor of oolong tea cups, the tea making is extremely important and meticulous. Let’s learn the art of making oolong tea with APACO.

Make delicious oolong tea with all the elements of water, temperature and tea making time:

– Water for making tea must be pure water, spring water, well water with low metal ion content, should not use tap water to make tea like that will lose the flavor of oolong tea.

– The temperature needed to make tea is usually 96-98%, thus keeping the flavor and flavor of tea.

– Tea making time: oolong tea has a very strong taste so each teapot can mix 4-6 times, usually the first 3 times the time can be 1 minute 20 seconds but the next time there are can be longer than 1 minute.
Before brewing, you need to prepare tea making devices: tea cups, tea teapots, tea cups, tea filters, need to rinse the tea making equipment with boiling water to sterilize.

Put tea in warm pouring boiling water about to tea, rinse the tea and then pour that water, both work to awaken the tea fibers, and make the tea not acrid, remove the elements that lose the taste of tea.

After rinsing the tea, pour a sufficient amount of boiling water into the kettle, close the lid and pour the water continuously around the teapot to brake for 1 minute and 20 seconds for the first 3 times, the next time can increase gradually. 1 minute.

Pour the tea into finished cups, use a tea filter funnel to retain the small tea wings and make the tea more clear and pure.

The blended oolong teas with aromatic, rich flavor and taste make the spirit more refreshing and stress-free, giving you a more productive day.