Wholesale Dried Shrimp Shells (Prawn Shells) From Vietnam.

What are shrimp shells good for?

The shells of shrimp, crab and other crustaceans contain chitin, a starchy, plastic-like compound that some scientists believe is one of nature’s most generous gifts.

1. Shrimp Shells Used to Develop Eco-Friendly Bioplastic
Persistent Plastic pollution is an environmental problem worldwide. A number of countries around the world have issued a ban on the use of disposable plastic.
And the solution to this situation is to use biodegradable plastics and the products replace the plastic safe for the environment.

Interestingly, a project is under way in Egypt’s Nile University in which prawn shells are cleaned, dried, chemically treated, ground and dissolved into a solution that dries into thin films of plastic.
Instead of throwing these readily available shrimp shells away, they can be used to make fully compostable plastic bags. Not only is it more sustainable in the long run, it can also reduce the amount of food waste produced in the country.
Researchers at at Harvard’s Wyss Institute also say that there is plenty of room for growth. Literally, in fact: the nutrients in this bio-inspired plastic makes an excellent fertilizer after its broken down. Working towards fine-tuning its commercial manufacturing, they have been able to already make fully biodegradable products such as egg cartons, chess pieces and even cell phones.

2. Chitin in shrimp shells can also be used to heal wounds and as an agent in paper and textile manufacturing (says Willem F. Stevens, a researcher at the Asian Institute of Technology)

The chitin that’s left has some remarkable properities:

  • It’s antifungal and antibacterial, but so easy on the skin that chitin membranes are being tested as a treatment for serious burn wounds.
  • Made into a waxy paper, chitin is nontoxic and quick to biodegrade.
  • Chitin syrup, when used to coat seeds, has been shown to improve crop yields by helping the seeds resist fungus and repel insects.

Researchers say the product’s inherent stickiness also could prove valuable in:

  • New blood-clotting drugs for hemophiliacs.
  • New sperm paralyzing contraceptives.
  • Fat-blocking drugs for dieters.

Chitin and its more refined cousin, chitosan, already are available in diet-pill form.

“If you take chitosan, you’ll slim down even if you eat a lot,” Stevens says.

3. Used in food processing
In Vietnam, Chitosan produced from shrimp shells has many practical applications such as: replace borax in the production of stuffed pancake, “Su Sê” Cake, spring rolls, cling film to preserve fresh, perishable foods such as fish, meat, vegetables … without losing the color, taste of the product.

Bio-Plastic wrap from Chitosan of Shrimp Shell

What are the specification of shrimp shells?

Dried shrimp shells have heads (or without heads) according to customers’ needs. Besides, we do provide shrimp shell powder with max size is 0.8 mm or as request.

  • Color: natural
  • Size: as request
  • Moisture: 10% max
  • Protein: 30% min
  • Impurity: 2% max
  • Salt: 13% max
  • Odor: has a characteristic fishy smell of shrimp
  • Chitin: Up to 50% of shrimp shell weight
  • P2O5: 1.9% max
  • Nitrogen: 3.3 min
  • Fat: 8% max
  • Ash: 10% max
ItemDried Shrimp shell
UseFodder, raw materials for producing biodegradable plastics bags, etc
Minimum order1 container 20F 
Packaging 25/30/50 kgs in PP bag; or as request
Documents C/O, Health certificate, Invoice, Packing list, B/L,
Payment Term– 30% T/T in advance & 70% against Bill Of Copy
– L/C(100% irrevocable L/C at sight)  
Delivery  timeWithin 10-15 days after receiving TT 30%  deposit or  L/C at sight 100% is opened
Price timeFOB/CNF/CIF

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