Lepironia Articulata grass and Sarus cranes

In my “fairy” dream, the fields of Lepironia Articulata grass and cranes are beautiful memories that have never faded. Is that why we love the products made from Lepironia Articulata grass? And behind the items made of Lepironia Articulata grass is something you will hardly know.

For many years, Khmer people in Phu My commune plucked the Lepironia Articulata grass and dried it, pounded it and then woven it into everyday items such as cushions, baskets, hats or straws … And there was one really interesting thing, where Natural Lepironia Articulata grassland is also home to a number of rare cranes that choose to migrate.

Without the Lepironia Articulata grass, the crane won’t come back. In previous years, the conservation work wasn’t focused, the grass field was sparse, The Crane also disappeared.

By 2016, Kien Giang province established the Management Board of Phu My Species – Habitat Conservation Area, with the core area of about 940ha and ecotone area of more than 1,700ha. This is also the place with the only ecosystem of Lepironia Articulata grassland left in the Mekong Delta to preserve and protect the living environment, grass is also a source of food and keep rare red-headed crane.

The Sarus crane is considered to be the tallest of the flying birds (up to 1.6 meters tall when standing), with gray fur, a dark red head, red legs, and wide wingspan with double dances wonderful. In the wild, the sarus crane often lives a couple, maintaining this very faithful pairing relationship.
According to the researchers, if one of the two individuals in a pair of Sarus crane died for some reason, the other would live alone, never pairing with another, even fasting to death.

To preserve the fields of Lepironia Articulata grass and cranes. The State of Vietnam also has support to deploy and direct people to contribute to preserving the natural ecosystem and protecting biodiversity. In particular, promoting stable revenue from traditional wicker weaving industry from the grass to create jobs for a part of labor in the Southwest region in general and neighboring provinces in particular. 

Craft weaving bags or straws from Lepironia Articulata grass has become an integral part of the cultural beauty of the Southwest people. Highlights are environmentally friendly products, which are very popular in the market, especially in developed countries.

Products from the Lepironia Articulata grass
Lepironia Articulata Grass straws & bags

Referring to the Lepironia Articulata grass, indispensable images of cranes are attached around the emotional countryside story. It is a wonderful gift that nature has given us. Still wish more grass fields will spread across the country and attract a lot of faithful cranes that bring good values to people who love nature, respect and preserve environmental protection.