Vietnam Fresh Red Chili/ Chili Pepper

I. Specifications of Product Test report, PHYTO, CO follow each shipment Style: FreshOrgin: in VietnamIngredients: 100% from Vietnam fresh chili Size: 3-5cm, 5-7cm, 7-9cmColors: Natural RedTaste: Spicy and aroma characteristicSmell: characteristic aroma of red Chili, No strange smell. Status: Chili ripe well, intact, still stalked, straight or slightly curved, not deformed, not rotten, fermented, musty,

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Vietnam hot chili powder(

Vietnam Hot Chili Pepper Powder

I. Specification: Test report, CO follow each shipment Style: Fine powder, or crushed with seeds. Place of Origin: VietnamIngredients: 100% Fresh chilli.Drying process: ADColor: Natural red color of ripe chili.Taste: the natural smell and spicy flavor of chili. Size: 60 – 120 mesh as requestHumidity: 10-12%Foreign Matter: 1% max; No live insects, mold and no dead

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Vietnam Dried red chili

I. Specification: Test report, CO follow each shipment Style: Dried Place of Origin: VietnamIngredient: 100% from fresh red chili good quality Drying process: AD or dry by sunshine Length: 2-5cm, 5-7cm, 7cm up.Taste: Spicy (Pungency degree: mild, medium, high)Color: red natureMoisture: 13% maxTotal ash,% (mass): 10 maxAsh insoluble in acid,% (mass): 1.6 max Young chili or

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