Dried Rice Vermicelli (Rice noodles, rice sticks) of Vietnam are produced 100% from rice.

Dried Rice Vermicelli (Rice noodles, rice sticks) from Vietnam Vermicelli (rice noodles or rice sticks) is a fairly common dish and is used in everyday life, especially in hot summer days, the demand for vermicelli and Pho is increasing …Because of such a large demand, vermicelli production establishments are growing more and more, leading to

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Vietnam cashew nuts

-Cashew nut ww240, ww320, ww450, SW240, SW320, LP, WS, DW, etc. -Quality: Refer to AFI standard -Certificate: ISO, Halal, Kosher,FDA. -Cashew Kernel Preservation: Cashew kernels would be preserved in a dry clean place, far from heat resource. The storage of preservation would be closed, dry clean, free from foreign smell, no insect, rodents -Packing: In flexi/vacum plastic bags

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