Vietnam Eco – Friendly drinking straws made from Lepironia articulata grass

Straws made from grass (Lepironia articulata) – a new solution to replace plastic straws

Persistent Plastic pollution is an environmental problem worldwide. A number of countries around the world have issued a ban on the use of disposable plastic.
And the solution to this situation is to use biodegradable plastics and the products replace the plastic safe for the environment such as grass, wood, bamboo, etc.

Everything made out of plastic when released to the environment brings about horrible consequences that you guys probably everyone already knows.
Here I would like to send to readers the product from grass replace plastic straws contribute to improving consumer health and environmental protection.

What is the material to create the grass straw? And where are they grown?

Lepironia Articulata grass is an easy to grow grass and is abundant in Southern Vietnam. Previously we only used grass for hats, mats, bags or roofing. And there was one really interesting thing, where Natural Lepironia Articulata grassland is also home to a number of rare cranes that choose to migrate.
However, handicrafts do not bring too much financial value, people cannot attach themselves to the profession so the area of ​​grass planting is reduced and sparse.
Since 2016, to preserve the fields of Lepironia Articulata grass and cranes. The State of Vietnam also has support to deploy and direct people to contribute to preserving the natural ecosystem and protecting biodiversity. In particular, promoting stable revenue from traditional wicker weaving industry from the grass to create jobs for a part of labor in the Southwest region in general and neighboring provinces in particular. Thanks to that, the grass fields have been regenerated, able to meet the stable and long-term supply of raw materials for handicraft industry and to produce grass straws.

Pollution has always accompanied civilizations. Pollution started from prehistoric times, when man created the first fires. Moreover, so far this issue has been at an alarming level, requiring us to make a choice: “change or die in our own trash”.
And that is also one of the main reasons for our company to invest, expand and develop the production of grass straws in Vietnam.

Straws from Lepironia articulata Grass

APACO Company is implementing the quality management process according to HACCP in production.
After harvesting the grass, we cleaned each blade of grass, removed the compartments inside the tube; Cut to size straws with a length of 18 cm or 20 cm.
Our workers will cut one end of the straw horizontally, the other end of the straw will be cut diagonally to fit easily into the glass.
After, they will clean the inside of the straws with strong water pressure, dry them by machine, store in an airtight plastic bags. Finally, label design, packaging and delivery to consumers around the world. We accepted OEM form as customer’s request.

Vietnam Grass Straws

I. Specification of grass straw products:

Product:Vietnam dried grass straws
Material:  Lepironia Articulata grass grows naturally ( 6 months- 1 year old)
Length: 18cm; 20cm (or customized according to customer requirements nomore than 28cm)
Pipe size:inner diameter 4 – 6.5 mm
Pipe thickness:0.5 – 0.8 mm
Feature+ The end of the suction tube is cut straight and pointed at one end
+ The inner tube is cleaned
+ No chemicals or preservatives
Humidity7% – 13% max
Savour + No taste; Natural aroma of grass
Storage:+ Can be kept Dried grass straws at room temperature to 6 months in airtight condition, dry, clean.
+ Fresh grass straws stored in the cold place for 1 month.
User manualReusable 2 -3 times by yourshelf, however should use once
Recycling + It collected and crushed to plant mushrooms
+ We can compost them to make bio-fertilizer

II. Packing & Delivery


1, Packing
+) 50 or 100 straws/ box, Carton outside: 200 boxes/carton (20.000 straws).

2, Packing according to customer requirements


1.Post: Cat Lai

2. Time delivery:
EMS: Around 10-15 working days
DHL: Around 3-5 working days
FEDEX: Around 4-6 working days

III. Contact Info

Sincerely welcome you to visit us and establish business relationship with us.


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