Decalcified tilapia fish scale for collagen extraction was produced in Vietnam with high quality.

Fish collagen has gained immense attention in the recent past as an appropriate alternative to mammalian collagen. The fish collagen is extracted from various marine sources and their by-products including processing waste including fish skin, scales,bones, etc.

The type and functional properties of these collagen vary with their molecular structure, extraction process, source, and
so on. Fish collagen is usually extracted using mild acids such as acetic acid or enzymes, at low temperature, to prevent denaturation and changes in molecular properties. Collagen finds wide application in food, beauty, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

Decalcified dried tilapia fish scale

APACO is the first factory in Vietnam produced tilapia fish scale decalcify process apply for food industries, beauty industries , pharmaceutical industries .

• Material: 100% natural fish scale

• Color: transparent

• Solubility: partially soluble in chemical

• pH: 6.5

• T.Ash: 0.5

• Calcium: 0%

• Size: 10mm up

• Odor: no fishy odor 

• Moisture: 14% max

• Impurity: 0.2%

• Drying method: solar heat or by drying machine

• Shelf life: 2-3 years

• Storage: In cool, close, dry warehouse without sun-shinning directly.

• Supply Capacity : 200tons per month

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