Dried Rice Vermicelli (Rice noodles, rice sticks) of Vietnam are produced 100% from rice.

Dried Rice Vermicelli (Rice noodles, rice sticks) from Vietnam

Vermicelli (rice noodles or rice sticks) is a fairly common dish and is used in everyday life, especially in hot summer days, the demand for vermicelli and Pho is increasing …
Because of such a large demand, vermicelli production establishments are growing more and more, leading to the unsatisfactory quality of vermicelli. Bleached fresh vermicelli, fresh noodle with borax are phrases that are too familiar to consumers. Vermicelli using chemicals can cause a lot of diseases for users such as affecting the stomach lining, stomach pain, more dangerous can cause cancer, liver failure, kidney failure if used much. In addition, boiled vermicelli, boiled Pho for overnight are also very rancid in the hot weather of summer.

So how to eat vermicelli without worrying about chemicals or borax, bleach?
This is a question that many consumers are disturbed. My solution is that instead of using fresh vermicelli, consumers can use dried vermicelli to replace it very safely and without chemicals.

On the market today, in addition to facilities that don’t meet food safety standards, there are many reputable brands for customers to choose.
Our company is knowledgeable about the market, knowledgeable about fresh, clean raw materials area. We have associated, invested and cooperated with many vermicelli production establishment, applying the Food Safety and Hygiene Standards to the production process, ensuring the vermicelli are always good, clean.
With a modern, closed production line system, from raw material to packaging is strictly managed. The products of APACO brand dried vermicelli are produced and dried in the factory, without the process of being exposed to the natural environment, so the quality of dried vermicelli is always guaranteed.

What is vermicelli made from?

APACO dried vermicelli are made from 100% rice, do not add additives or preservatives during the production process, as well as preserve products. Do not use any bleaching or borax in the manufacturing process to bring the market the cleanest and safest products to consumers.

APACO dried vermicelli after being boiled and rinsed in cold water, the rice noodles are very soft, not broken and can be used as fresh noodles, users do not worry about chemicals or bleaching colors because the rice noodles are pressed directly from rice and do not have to go through the process of soaking overnight so it is not sour, something that fresh vermicelli cannot do if left long.

Vermicelli has a very unique aromatic rice flavor, supple, smooth and soft round noodles, not crushed. This can be considered a prominent advantage of APACO dried vermicelli over fresh vermicelli and other types of dried vermicelli on the market.

Nutrition facts in 100g dried vermicelli

Where and how to buy dried vermicelli ?

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