Vietnam Fresh Lemongrass

The lower stalk of the lemongrass is widely used as an herb in cooking in Asian cuisine. Its mild citrus flavor is can be used in soups, poultry, beef and seafood dishes in its fresh, powered or dried format. When cooking with lemongrass, it’s usually best to remove all the outer layers, leaving just the tender white inner stalk. Many recipes call for “bruising” or bending the lemongrass several times to help release the flavor.

I. Specification:

– C/O, Phytosanitary, COA follow each shipment

– Style: Fresh or Frozen
– Place of Origin: Vietnam
– Ingredients: 100% Fresh Lemongrass from Vietnam.
– Color: Natural pale green
– Taste: the natural smell flavor of Lemongrass.
– Size: 20-25 cm or as request
– Foreign Matter: 1% max; No live insects, mold and no dead carcasses, insect fragments and rodents visible to the naked eye
– Quality: No preservatives
Freeze at -28 ℃ to -30 ℃ and store at -18 ℃

IV. Packaging & Delivery

1. Packing:
– Packaging: 1kg/PE bag in carton 10kgs
– 3; 5; 10 kgs/ carton as request

– Or as request

2, Container capacity: 10 tons/20RF; 22 tons/40RF
3, Shelf life: 24 months at -18 degrees C

4. Delivery:
Port of loading: Ho Chi Minh Port, Viet Nam
– USA: 23 – 30 days from ETD
– EU: 25 – 30 days from ETD
– Middle East: 14 – 20 days from ETD
– Asia: 5 – 8 days from ETD

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