How to make oolong tea?

oolong tea (

The cups of yellow oolong tea like honey, the strong flavor has long been entered into the heart of tourists all over the country whenever they set foot in the countryside of Vietnam. Oolong tea has become the cultural and charming colors of the Vietnamese nation. To make the flavor of oolong tea cups, the tea making is extremely important and meticulous. Let’s learn the art of making oolong tea with APACO.

Make delicious oolong tea with all the elements of water, temperature and tea making time:

– Water for making tea must be pure water, spring water, well water with low metal ion content, should not use tap water to make tea like that will lose the flavor of oolong tea.

– The temperature needed to make tea is usually 96-98%, thus keeping the flavor and flavor of tea.

– Tea making time: oolong tea has a very strong taste so each teapot can mix 4-6 times, usually the first 3 times the time can be 1 minute 20 seconds but the next time there are can be longer than 1 minute.
Before brewing, you need to prepare tea making devices: tea cups, tea teapots, tea cups, tea filters, need to rinse the tea making equipment with boiling water to sterilize.

Put tea in warm pouring boiling water about to tea, rinse the tea and then pour that water, both work to awaken the tea fibers, and make the tea not acrid, remove the elements that lose the taste of tea.

After rinsing the tea, pour a sufficient amount of boiling water into the kettle, close the lid and pour the water continuously around the teapot to brake for 1 minute and 20 seconds for the first 3 times, the next time can increase gradually. 1 minute.

Pour the tea into finished cups, use a tea filter funnel to retain the small tea wings and make the tea more clear and pure.

The blended oolong teas with aromatic, rich flavor and taste make the spirit more refreshing and stress-free, giving you a more productive day.