Vietnam Fresh Young Ginger

I. Specification:

– Style: Fresh young ginger
– Place of Origin: Vietnam
– Ingredients: 100% Natural Vietnam Ginger
– Age: Fresh original 5-7 months; 8->9 months
– Size minimum: 50g, 80g, 100 g, 150g, 200g, 300g, 500g, 600g, 700g and up per piece ginger.
– Color: The skin is dark, the core of ginger is bright yellow
– Foreign matter: 1% max; No foreign matter and insects visible to the naked eye
– Quality: Fresh ginger is well washed and dried, without pests and disease.

II. Certificate

– C/O, Phytosanitary, COA follow each shipment

Test report

III. Application

Young ginger has a milder ginger flavor with a hint of sweet floral fragrance. The easiest way to differentiate young ginger is its light cream and almost translucent skin with a pink shoot. Unlike matured ginger that is pungent, fibrous and spicy, young ginger is tender and juicy. The skin is so thin that it can be eaten or easily peeled with fingers or a spoon. Since the spice is subtle, you can thinly slice the ginger and enjoy raw in salads, desserts, drinks or use it for pickling.

1. Young Ginger for Pickled Ginger (Sushi Ginger)

Gari or Sushi Ginger is often served and eaten while you eat sushi and it’s an essential part of sushi meal.
The ginger’s spiciness and sweet vinegar flavor cleanse the palate between eating different pieces of sushi, allowing you to enjoy different kinds of fish and rolls.

To make sushi ginger, only young ginger is used. It’s thinly sliced and then marinated in sugar and rice vinegar mixture. The sliced ginger will naturally become light pink color from the pink parts of the young ginger.

IV. Packaging & Delivery

1. Packing:

– In mesh bag: 20 kgs, 30kgs net weight.
– In carton box: 15kgs per carton
– Or as request

2, Container capacity: ~ 15 metric tons/ Cont 20ft
3, Shelf life: 12 months in cold storage room 14 degrees C, dry place, hygienic.

4. Delivery:

Port of loading: Ho Chi Minh Port, Viet Nam
– USA: 23 – 30 days from ETD
– EU: 25 – 30 days from ETD
– Middle East: 14 – 20 days from ETD
– Asia: 5 – 8 days from ETD

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