Japan pepper imports rebound after falling for three consecutive years

Pepper Vietnam(apaco-vn.com)

Over the past three years, Japan’s pepper imports have fallen from 9,100 tons in 2015 to 8,750 tons in 2016 and to 8,200 tons in 2017.

Approximately 60% of pepper imports into Japan are whole grains, mainly from Malaysia and the rest are mainly from Indonesia and Vietnam.

In 2018, Japan’s pepper imports are expected to increase. In the first 7 months of 2017, imports to Japan reached 5,450 tons, including 3,170 tons of whole pepper and 2,280 tons of ground pepper. Total import volume increased 21% over the same period of 2017 4,520 tons (including 2,510 tons of whole pepper and 2,010 tons of ground pepper), of which whole pepper increased 27% and pepper increased 13%.

According to the customs of Vietnam, exports of pepper to Japan in July reached 264 tons, equivalent to $ 1.16 million, the total in the first 7 months of 2018 exports to this market reached 1983 tons equivalent to turnover 9.7 million USD. However, the general effect of the world market, prices decreased due to supply pressure exceeded demand, pepper prices for export to most countries are reduced. The average pepper export price to Japan decreased 44.3% to $ 4,980 / tonne