Olong tea Gaba APACO

Oolong tea Gaba (apaco-vn.com)

Oolong Gaba Apaco tea uses 100% pure Oolong tea, which is grown and cared for by international standard GLOBAL GAP, along with a 72 hour processing method to give you a cup of tea. With a completely different taste compared to the Oolong tea is processed according to other conventional methods.

Besides the health benefits of tea ingredients, Oolong Gaba Apaco Tea is specially formulated, after a period of fermentation in an anaerobic environment, a large amount of Glutamic Acid in tea will convert to Gamma Aminobutyric Acid, referred to as Gaba. This ingredient has the main effect of helping to stop the burning of the neurons of the brain. That means that Gaba works in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, against stress, anxiety and depression. In addition, Gaba also has an effective effect against obesity, hypertension, non-addictive sedative. Not only that, this product is also useful for the treatment of sexual impairment, prostate disease.


Port of loading: Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam

Capacity: 150 tons/month